About Me

My name is Aboo Ibraaheem Haroon bin Saajidur Rahman.

My website dedicated to the spreading the message of Islaam and its teachings based upon the way of Salaf.

The Salafi Da’wah (da’wah literally means “call”, and in this sense it refers to calling to the truth, preaching and propagation) is that of the Qur’an and the Sunnah (i.e. the Religion of Islam – pure and free from any and all additions, deletions and alterations). It means adherence to the Path of the Messenger, may the peace of Allah upon him, and the Faithful Believers, namely the Pious Forefathers (i.e. As-Salaf as-Saalih) of the Islamic Community of Believers and all those who follow in their footsteps in belief, actions and morals.

Allah has said:

“And whoever contends with and contradicts the Messenger after guidance has been clearly conveyed to him and chooses a path other than that of the Faithful Believers, We shall leave him in the Path he has chosen and land him in Hell, what an evil refuge!”

[Surah al-Nisaa’ 4:115]


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